1. Understand your brand.

It doesn’t matter which way you go if you don’t care where you end up.  Before you start making social media posts, make sure you understand your brand, and where you want your social media posts to take your business. Make a plan about the content you plan on posting, how often you plan on posting and if you are going to be actively creating content or outsourcing it to a company that specializes in social media posts and marketing.

  1. Keep your sales pitches to a minimum.

Your social media should be engaging to your followers. Your posts should invite your followers to your site from time to time, so your websites can make the sale pitches.  Your posts should funnel traffic to your website.

  1. Quality photos and videos are a must.

We live in a digital world, and you need to grab people’s attention with images and videos to have a successful social media campaign. Wow, your followers with quality videos and photos.

  1. Have a social media presence.

Be reactive in your social media, if someone posts on your page you say something back. Don’t let your page go idle. Be proactive about your social media.

  1.  Focus on what you can do well.

Some companies have the time and effort to make an in-house social media presence work. Other companies will find better success outsourcing their social media posts to a social media marketing company. Outsourcing frees their employees time; this allows your employees to be able to focus their efforts on what they do well.