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One of the most powerful assets a company has in today’s digital world is its online reputation.  Well managed reviews distributed strategically across the web help push you to the top of search results (SEO) and give you credibility that increases your click through rates, phone calls, lead captures, and eCommerce conversions.

  • 82% click the highest reviewed result at top of first page
  • 84% trust reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • Positive reviewers are 2x as likely to refer you & stay loyal
  • 70% of customers will leave a review when they’re asked to
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Amplify Online provides a simple and stress-free way to ask and remind your customers to write reviews for your business on all of the sites that matter to you. Instead of hoping customers know which review sites where your business is listed, we create a professional landing page which your customers can access with just one click. On this page they can rate their experience with your business. Those who give positive feedback will then be prompted to write a review about your company and given links to those sites which matter to you. Any customer who says they had a negative or neutral experience with your business will instead be prompted to write directly to you, and not online. Which leads us to our next feature…
Reclaim Customers

Reclaim Customers

Our review funnel process can give you a second chance to address your customers’ concerns before they post a negative review online. When rating their experience with your business, anyone who gives negative feedback will be directed to a form which asks them what went wrong. Instead of going to review sites this form goes directly to you, the business owner, giving you a chance to handle the unhappy customer privately. We will help you turn a customer’s negative experience around, keeping your excellent online reputation intact!

Let them 

Not only does Amplify Online help you to collect reviews. We put those reviews to work for you! We also take all of the best ones and automatically display them on social media pages and on your company’s website. Let your great reputation be front and center whenever customers search for you online. Our review streaming system works real-time to publish positive reviews as soon as they are written.
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Be omnicient

How many times has a negative review changed your mind about a purchase you were about to make?  Our state of the art reputation management system will send you an alert any time a new review is posted anywhere on the web about your business.  Respond immediately by simply clicking on the link in the alert.  Better yet, have Amplify Online respond to the review for you!  Our team will work with the reveiwer and your business to understand their concerns and turn their negative experience around.  You’ll also receive beautiful and easy to understand monthly reports with actionable insights and data showing your reputation’s improvement.

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