Are you ready to increase your brand awareness on social media? Now that you’ve spent countless hours developing your brand, it’s time to move your brand to social media. Getting started with social media marketing is easy when you follow these steps:

1. Decide your goals for social media

Now that you’ve decided to take the plunge and get your company on social media, you need to figure out your goals. What do you want to accomplish with your social media page? Are you trying to generate sales? Are you trying to build a relationship with your consumers? Once you outline your goals, you can figure out what direction you want to go.

Start tracking how many people reach your website through social platforms, leads you generate through social media, social engagement, and revenue your social media ads are bringing in. This will help you set realistic goals.

2. Determine your audience

Who is your target audience? Once you have an idea of your target audience, you need to decide where they spend their time online. Choose a social platform that you know your audience will be using. If your target audience is working professionals, Linkedin would be your best bet. You need to then figure out what kind of content your audience will respond to and interact with. What information do they want to hear?

Need help figuring out your audience? Write a list to build your ideal customer and use them as a target audience.

3. Create quality content

Now that you have determined your audience and what they want, you can begin composing content. As you make and produce content, see what your followers respond to best. Once you have a better understanding of what they want, start creating more of that content. Make sure you continually provide top-notch content, so you can develop and maintain a loyal following on your social media profiles.

You can post quotes, link to articles, write educational posts, and even add in a video on your social media pages.

Once you start posting on multiple social platforms, it is important that all your content flows together seamlessly. All your marketing efforts and social media marketing efforts should work together.

4. Go with the 80-20 rule

After you start posting on social media actively, it’s time to move to the 80-20 rule which dictates 80% of your posts should be informative and 20% can be self-promoting.

There are endless opportunities for your brand on social media. Amplify Online will help you produce professional social media content, write blog posts, and more to develop your brand awareness on social platforms. Check out our free trial packages to get started today. We’re excited to help you grow!